Marketplace Booth Payment ~ Perry, GA


For your convenience, PRVVC now accepts payment by Credit Card through
PayPal for your FMCA Marketplace Booth(s).




You must still complete your Marketplace Booth Application and either mail it or email it to the address on the application.  Booth Applications will not be considered until the Application is received.  All applications for Premium or Corner Booths must include payment with initial application. If Premium or Corner Booth is not assigned, a refund will be submitted to you.

All Booth Payments by Credit Card will incur an additional convenience fee.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Booth fees are not refundable after any payment has been made.

Fees will only be refunded if PRVVC is able to rent your initial Booth space.  


To Complete Credit Card Sale:

Step 1.

Complete your Marketplace Booth Application.

Step 2. 

In the 'Purchase' column below reflecting your Booth Size, select 'Full Payment', '1st Half Payment' or '2nd Half Payment'.

Step 3. 

Select 'PremiumCorner Booth' if desired.

Step 4. 

Complete Checkout page through PayPal.

Step 5. 

Mail or Email completed Marketplace Booth Application.

Step 6. 

Be sure to return by June 24, 2019 to complete 2nd half of payment.


# of Booths Booth Size Booth Cost Convenience Fee Total Cost


1 10' x 10' $680.00 $21.00 $701.00

Purchase: 1 Booth

2 20' x 10' $1255.00 $38.00 $1293.00

Purchase: 2 Booths

3 30' x 10' $1830.00 $55.00 $1885.00

Purchase: 3 Booths

20' x 10' Corner & Additional Booth
$1550.00 $47.00 $1597.00

Purchase: Premium Booths

1 Corner Booth $170.00 $6.00 $176.00

Purchase: Corner Booth